New Replacement Foam Cores For Sofa And Couch Cushions. Replace Your Saggy Sofa or Couch Cushions With New Inserts

Do You Need Replacement Sofa or Couch Cushions?

You purchased a chair, sofa or couch in the last couple years and your cushions have become saggy,
That is what we call the

“I’ve sat down and I can’t get up” syndrome!

You may need new replacement foam cores for your sofa or couch cushions.


When the factories manufactured your furniture, the foam was the most expensive item of construction,
most often exceeding the cost of the lumber to build the frame!
The only way to improve profits is to reduce costs, the most expensive first.
Foam is made from oil and between $50-$100 per barrel foam cost are huge.
Softer, less dense foam is cheaper but yet maintains a firm feeling for the first couple years.
Viola’… the answer to WHY did my sofa or couch cushions break down so darn fast.
We’ve seen this in our upholstery shop over the last 10 years by the increased replacement cushion core jobs.

This is where we come in!

saggy leather couch


  • We are real upholsterers
    We do this for a living. We are not foam manufacturers trying to sell you foam.
  • We own and operate an upholstery shop.
    In downtown Lincoln Michigan. We are not internet re-sellers or drop shippers.
  • We are second generation upholsterers
  • We have been stuffing replacement cushions since we were kids!
  • We have replaced thousands of chair, sofa and couch replacement cushions during our time in the trade.
  • We cut the foam
    we don’t expect you to do it. ( as you will find with other non-professional sites )
  • When you call us, you will talk with a real upholsterer, not an order center or answering service.
  • We stock 24 different selections of foam for your comfort, were are not in the business of telling you what you need, were in the business of listening to what you want.
  • If you choose our Leather or Standard Cushion Service – No Broken Zippers or Torn Seams- If we break a zipper or seam while replacing your cushion cores, we will repair it at our expense!. TRY FINDING THAT ANYWHERE ELSE!
  • Leave the work to us.
  • We have been there, done that, got the t-shirt for it, worn it out and threw it away.

Allow us to ensure you receive some great looking cushions.

Choose Your Level Of Cushion Service –

Leather Furniture
Only an experienced Upholsterer can construct these replacements

Send Us Your Covers
Send us your covers, we stuff them, send back ready to go back on the furniture.

Give us measurements and we send you a new replacement cushion core, you install them.


Call the Upholstery Shop at:


New Replacement Sofa and Couch Cushions

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