Frequently Asked Questions

New Replacement Foam For Sofa And Couch Cushions FAQ

Q. What should I order the Standard or Basic Cushion Service?

A. It really depends on two things, first:

Here is the difference between the two services.

The ” Standard Cushion Service” -you remove your old foam then send us the covers, we measure and construct new inserts and we install the new inserts in your covers. Then we ship you back the completed cushion, remove from box and place on your sofa. Remember: Removing the old foam is the easy part, installing the new foam isn’t so easy…

The ” Basic Cushion Service” – you provide us the measurements, we construct new inserts and ship them to you. YOU INSTALL the new inserts into your covers. As long as you have the physical strength to do the install, the basic cushion service should work for you. Remember: the new foam will be a lot stiffer than your old foam, removing the old foam is the easy part….

The choice is yours, either way you will receive the same great new replacement foam insert for your chair, sofa or couch cushions.

Q. What selections of foam do you offer?

We offer a selection of foam to meet your needs. First question is: Are these new inserts for a seat cushion or back cushion. When you complete your order, you will be asked to select your foam. Here are the selections:

Used for Back Cushions, These are softer foam selections, needed to provide comfort for sofa or couch back cushion. These are too soft for seat cushions.

Very Soft: Density 1.2, Compression 12

Medium Firm: Density 1.5, compression 36

Used for Seat Cushions, The quality of this foam could not be compaired to the foam you received from the manufacturer. This is a very high quality, long lasting foam.

Standard Firm: Density 1.8, compression 35, provides comfortable support for persons up to 250 to 300 lbs.

Extra Firm: Densitiy 1.8, Compression 50, select this for our firmest foam.

Should you have any questions about the foam, please use contact us and let us know.

Q. Will you accept a check or money order for payment?

A. Yes we will. We recomend a money order, if you send a personal or company check we will not be able to ship the cushions until we are confident your check has cleared our bank.

Q. My cushions measure 4.5 inches and you only offer 4 or 5 inch foam, What should I do?

A. This is very common. What we do is to round the number up to the next highest number. So 4.5″ foam will be 5″ Foam core replacement. This will give your cushions a nice full look.

Q. I am not sure of my measurements but I still want to use the Basic Cushion Service, what should I do?

A. No problem, You have two options:

1. Call us and we can instruct you over the phone on how to properly measure a cushion. Our number is 1-888-837-7763.


2. If your still not sure, you can send us the cover, we will measure it, make the cushion core and return your new core and cover in the same box. When you receive them, you can install the new core. If you want us to install the new core in the cover then that is our Standard Cushion Service. If you install the new core that is still the Basic Cushion Service.

Q. If I use the Standard or Basic Cushion Service, what should I do with my old foam?

A. Cushion foam is made from Polyurethane Foam it is stable and safe to the environment and can be sent to any landfill or garbage disposal service. There are some places that do recycle the foam for carpet padding, they are difficult to locate.

Q. I want to order a Basic Cushion Service but I do not see the shape of my cushions in your diagrams, what should I do?

A. There are so many different shapes of cushions, it is unlikely we will ever list them all. So, the simplest way is to send us your cover without the foam. We will make you a new core and return the empty cover with the cushion and you can install it.

Q. My zipper or seam has broken, can you fix it?

A. Yes, We have a completely outfitted upholstery shop. We have new zippers and commercial sewing machines. We reserve the right to charge for repairs to cushions that were damaged when we received them. We do not charge much because most repairs are accomplished in a short period of time.

If we notice a damaged cushion, we will contact you about the repairs prior to doing the work.

ATTENTION: If a seam has let loose because of bad thread, we can fix it. If you have a tear in the fabric it is unlikely this is repairable.

Q. Do you offer the Basic Cushion Service for Leather Cushions?

A. No, We do not offer Basic Cushion Service for Leather Cushions. Leather Cushions are extreamly difficult to measure properly, due to their layered style of construction. You made the investment in a quality leather sofa for a reason. It doen’t cost that much more for the ” Standard Cushion Service“.