"Basic Foam Replacement" Cushion Service

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Who would you use our Basic Cushion Service?

You are probably a designer, interior decorator or a retired upholsterer! 

You have experience replacing new cushion inserts or you are physically capable of doing this work yourself

Cost is a major concern and your willing to accept the possible results of replacing the new cushion inserts yourself.

“Basic Cushion Service”  – What Do We Provide….
We wrap each cushion with Dacron, properly glued and we wrap them in a cushion stuffing product called “Cushion Stuff Eze” it provides your cushion foam and fabric the protection it needs, While making them easier to replace.
You chose the quality of polyurethane foam.  Our foam is a far higher quality than the original factory foam, it will provide you years of comfort.   
We have a precision foam cutting table that provides for straight cuts every time. (most foam replacement companies on the internet just ship you a large piece of foam and make you cut it!!!!!)
When you receive your cushions they will be VACUUM PACKED. This does not harm the cushion, it is an industry standard.
Remove from box, let them expand for a few days before installation. 

The cushion cores are cut to the size you indicated. Please measure accurately.  
If you are not sure about your cushion size or you have a style not shown here.  Remove your old foam and send us the cover.   We will measure your cushion for you and return it with the new core.  Then you can install the new core in the cover.
P.S. Here is a little secret…….If you call us we will tell you how to properly measure your cushions…. 1-989-736-7467


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