Basic Sofa Tee Arm New Replacement Sofa and Couch Cushions

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Basic Sofa Tee Arm New Replacement Sofa and Couch Cushions Service for “TEE” Cushions


Re-Confirm Sizes Below:

Example: Size A = 14, Size B = 15, Size C=6


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 Thank you for choosing the 

Basic New Replacement Foam Cushion Service for “Tee Arm” Cushions.

Just a few more details

Select Your Foam for your Tee Arm Cushion

When you complete your order, you will be asked to select your foam. 

Here are the selections:

Foam Used for Back Cushions (Too Soft For Seat Cushions)

Very Soft: Density 1.2, Compression 12

Medium Firm: Density 1.5, Compression 36

Foam Used for Seat Cushions

Standard Firm: Density 1.8, Compression 35, provides support for persons UP to 250 lbs.

Extra Firm: Density 1.8, Compression 50, select for our firmest foam for persons OVER 250 lbs.


Here are some tips on how to properly measure for a new replacement foam insert for your chair, sofa or couch cushions.

Tip #1:  DO NOT MEASURE THE OLD FOAM, BIG MISTAKE, BIG., You old foam is not the size we need,  measure your cushion cover only.

Tip #2:  Remove the old foam and turn your cushion cover inside out for the next steps.

Tip #3: DO NOT measure the center of the cushion.  Most fabrics will stretch and your measurements will be too large.  DO NOT measure the very outside edge of a cushion.  Most times when your cushion is being sewn, the corners get sewn short and your sizes will come out too small.

Tip #4:  HOW TO MEASURE,   Lay the cushion cover out flat on the dining room table or floor, take your measurement from each side about 4″ in towards the center of the cushion.  This will move you away from the corners but will keep you well away from the stretched fabric in the center.  

ATTENTION:  When you measure pull the fabric tight between your hands, you MUST do this part

You want to measure from the stitched seam to the stitched seam.   By turning the cover inside out, you will be able to see the actual stitches from the sewing machine.  This is where you want to measure from and to.

Remember to hold the fabric tight when measuring.
CAUTION: Measurement “A” is the entire length across the front of the cushion.  This includes the sofa Tee arm section.   Measurement “D” is just for the amount of the return cut.  


We will do our best to fit your cushions into our standard sized shipping box. 

Large cushions may be slightly vacuumed packed to fit. 

This does not harm the cushion, it is an industry standard.

Our price includes all shipping to the continental 48 states and any appropriate sales taxes. 

Order in Confidence:

We Accept

Visa, MasterCard, American Express And Discover Cards

Checks / Money Orders and PayPal

Should you have any questions, call us at: 1-888-837-7763 toll free or 1-989-884-3652




Basic New Replacement Foam For Sofa And Couch “Tee Arm” Cushion Service

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2 reviews for Basic Sofa Tee Arm New Replacement Sofa and Couch Cushions

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sanja Gupta

    I recomend this product, so easy to do it your self or if you don’t think you can do it they will do it for you just send your covers to them,loved it ,thanks so much!!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susan Drenerd

    My couch and love seat were in good condition, but the cushions were no longer supportive. Local upholsterers had estimated $200/cushion to insert new foam. Although I was hesitant to order on line, I decided to try this company. I followed the directions for the standard cushion service for tee shaped cushions. When I placed the order, Specific directions were given to me about the steps to take. I mailed the 5 couch and love seat cushion covers in a large one price box at the post office. I received an email when they received the cushions, when they started the work, and when they shipped them back. I couldn\’t be happier with the service and finished product. I had them back in a week. The cushions are comfortably firm and fit perfectly in the covers. I would definitely use this company again!

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